New experience of
House of Suntory

Project owner: Bonsey Jaden

To promote and highlight the next generation of Suntory drinks I propose to create an experience hub as sub pages of rather than building a new microsite which would be more cost effective whilst delivering a similar user experience.

The House of Suntory next generation hub will be accessible from the home page via the main slider, as well as a special section above the footer and main navigation bar if necessary. The new section on the House of Suntory website  integrated with on-ground activations and experiences. It will also link users to relevant product/brand pages as well as locators based on the content they interact with.

Structured to start

Suntory as a big organisations they’ve done own researches to understand their users, so right after I received their reports, I started structured informations based on user and business needs.

Site map was a perfect way to share with team and client to make it easier to understand the main journey of usages.

Wireframe Mapping​

The main focus on the project was improving user experiences with some specific criteria that I decided to map it out with wireframes to share my ideas with client as well as helping to visualise how the platform will looks like.

Mobile first design

based on studies and business needs we find out there are huge number of mobile users that they use application more often than desktop users, it was enough to go for mobile displays first.

With this method I tired to give better understanding the concept of responsive web design to clients. My focus was to make sure users are comfortable to use the website to reduce users’ operations like panning, zooming and scrolling too much when they are checking a single section.

Progressive Advancement was my concept to build a version includes the most basics functions & features, after that I tackled to the advanced version for tablet or desktop computers/laptops, which created by adding interactions, more complicated effects.

User centred design

For such a product that it has targeted to communicate with people to keep the engagement of interaction in the highest possible rates.
I had decided to follow the UCD (User Centred Design) in project to make sure I was covering every single of user needs  during their journey.

Key features & focuses

Launching new microsite for three next generation’s Suntory product was was the purpose but inviting users to offline and online events was a main feature for focused on.

Meanwhile, leading users to find nearest store to purchase, restaurant to try these products was a significant feature.

Mockup and prototypes

I started mockups based on assets and guidelines I received from client side as below, mobile display sizes were first mockups that followed by desktop mockups.