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Unveiling the Dynamic Sneaker Walls of Nike AF1 x Finish Line - A Case Study in Interactive Design and Engaging Brand Messaging



The goal was to create an exceptional end-to-end customer experience that would set the collaboration apart from store activities.

Connecting Pet Lovers and Simplifying Pet Care: WeR4Pets, an Intuitive Mobile App for Pet Owners

The app provides invaluable guidance and support for new puppy owners, enabling them to effectively care for their beloved pets right from the start. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive features.

Libra: Redefining the Digital Reading Landscape - A Case Study on Designing an Immersive Online Library Experience
The idea was to build the app to become the sole and state-of-the-art solution for targeted publishers to publish and professionally present their work.
The Journey of Designing a Seamless Digital Auction Platform for Pickles Auction

The initiative took on even greater significance during the COVID-19 pandemic when businesses sought innovative ways to reduce physical attendance.

AEON Credit Card Engagement: Interactive Mobile Landing Page for Boosting Credit Card Applications through Gamified User Experience
This unique approach successfully appealed to the target audience, driving an increase in credit card applications and achieving the marketing objectives.
I am actively working on expanding my portfolio to include more case studies showcasing my previous work. However, please note that I cannot provide an exact timeline for their completion at this moment.
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